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Magnate news round-up: January 2019

Has it really been two months already? Unsurprisingly, there’s lots to catch-up on with progress on playtesting, design and ever increasing public awareness of the game! Building the coverage Over the last few months the amount of coverage Magnate has received in the press has started to swell. Some swift googling revealed a mini post Essen flurry of articles like this, this and this. We even got a mention on the Polyhedron Collider’s most anticipated games of 2019 podcast! Rory Somers, one of the “colliders”(?) had already given us a great little write-up in his review of Dragonmeet, but it was awesome to see Magnate specifically called out as anticipated alongside much more famous names like Wingspan and Munchkin. At...

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Magnate news round-up: November 2018

November was slightly quieter than September or October - it couldn't not be - but, once again, overall progress moved substantially forward; especially in enhancing Magnate's gameplay and recruiting new team members. New boxart sketch This one has been a long time coming. I am glad to say we're finally making good progress on the cover art. I've always liked the placeholder art we have, but there's something a rather old fashioned about it. It's not as dynamic as it needs to be and I don't know it captures the feel of the game sufficiently either. I am very glad to say we finally have a sketch of what the new art will look like. There's still a lot do...

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6 buildings from Magnate

With the receipt of renders I take a closer look at some of the game’s buildings and the source of their inspiration Everyday that goes by Magnate starts to come together a little more. This week was a major milestone: I received the first ever renders of the game’s 3D buildings from my sculptor. While these are only the first iteration, they already look fantastic. Why do they matter? A big pleasure of the game – for me and many of my playtesters – is the way the city emerges in Magnate. It starts off small, but it grows physically as the player’s fortune grows. Happily, it tends to grow in semi-realistic ways: An office in the middle of nowhere...

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