WANT to get back to making games?

If you’re like most other creatives in tabletop you got into publishing to do one thing: make games.

....You probably didn’t get into it to manage: freight, warehousing, inventory, trade selling, invoicing, fulfilment, e-commerce, payments, spare parts and much more besides.

("Yes - that's me and I want to contact you now!")

If all these critical activities are a headache, time sink, bore or a source of anxiety, you are not alone - and with good reason: many of them time-consuming and repetitive. There’s so much to learn and small mistakes in these areas can cost very large amounts of money.

This is no surprise: these are really entire industries unto themselves. And they are steeped in technical knowledge, processes and jargon that have very little to do with making and marketing games. Despite this, every day thousands of independent creators like you are forced to navigate their way precariously around them, hoping they’ve got it right. All the while, their time disappears into things that aren't about the core of what they do and they never wanted to do in the first place.

The duplication of all that misery is really something to think about. It's not a very healthy way to run a business, let alone an entire industry.

Your Back Office is ready to help

As your own back office, we manage all of this together for you. We provide a one-stop, comprehensive outsourcing service that gets your games from the factory to your players' eager hands: again and again.

This leaves you free to forget about painful and complex admin and focus on what you already do best: making and marketing your games. 

Whether you're planning your first Kickstarter campaign or  decided that - after years of headaches - you're just done with it, we can take the pain away. We can get you back to making fun again. 


Just send us an email right here

We can talk about your project, workflow, what we can do for you, our pricing and anything else you want to know or would like input on.

We're happy to provide free advice and if you’re even vaguely considering working with us, we recommend you talk to us as early as possible. 

The earlier we’re involved, the earlier you can begin putting your focus where it really matters. This is especially true for new creators: one early call could save a lot of money and heartache.