Blackjack for math lovers

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In 21X you win just like Blackjack - by getting to 21...

...unlike Blackjack, every card is a different formula.
 Find the X value that makes your hand score 21 and you win!

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  • Can be learned in less than 1 minute, plays in 5 minutes
  • Compact - take it anywhere
  • Adjustable difficulty for any group with easy, medium and hard cards


  • A stocking-filler gift for a mathy friend or family member
  • Puzzle lovers looking to stretch their brains
  • Homeschoolers and teachers looking to make algebra fun


"I have loved playing with my son (nine). He loved the concept and trying to work out the best way to get as close to 21 as possible."
- What Board Game

"21X is a totally honest, overt love letter to mathematics... Using blackjack as the basis for this game is such a brilliant idea."
- Spielbar

"our facility with algebraic formulae has sharpened noticeably. This is a puzzle game then that maths teachers might especially welcome for playing with pupils."
- Board's Eye View

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Algebra has never been so fun... we're serious!

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