In Magnate: The First City you’re a tycoon trying to make as much money
as you can in a citywide property boom by building an empire of realistic 3D buildings.

But beware… the boom will eventually go bust in a game-ending market crash!


“An excellent modern economic game with compelling depth and sharp satire.” (Michael Barnes, There Will be Games 5/5)

“A clever coalition of concept, gameplay and a point of view, Magnate: The First City delivers an economic-based city-building game to rival the classics.” (Tabletop Gaming Magazine)

“Magnate is a superbly elegant economic game” (Calvin Wong, Board Game Atlas)

“The components are first rate. There are tons of interesting decisions to make each turn.” (David Weiss, The Daily Worker Placement)

It was clever before… When the market crashes, it’s clear that this is borderline brilliant.” (Dan Thurot, Space Biff! 8/10)

“The beautiful and terrifyingly accurate financial modelling and the pacey gameplay make this a game that I thoroughly recommend” (Iain McAllister, The Giant Brain 9/10)

“Its the perfect mix of theme and mechanics… it has the strategic depth to sit among classics like Powergrid(Bryan Gerding, Tabletop Polish 9/10)

Monopoly this is not. Magnate: The First City gives a real sense of dabbling in the property market and trying to outfox your rivals… The component quality is top…the game just oozes class. (We’re not Wizards)

Tycoon edition is only available from Naylor Games.

The Magnate core game is now available from a wide variety of good retailers. Contact to stock.

Magnate features:

  • 50+ realistic 3D buildings
  • Tutorial mode for easy learning without a rulebook
  • Robust AI mode for solo play
  • Tense, highly interactive & strategic gameplay
  • Modular city set-up for limitlessly varied cities
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