Robot Royale
Robot Royale
Robot Royale

Robot Royale

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Awarded: Imagination Gaming Seal of Approval 2020!

Robot Royale is a tile-based strategic combat game for 2-4 players. Players aim to claim victory through moving and positioning their robots and rotating tiles to trap and destroy their opponents, scoring points each time they do.

In Robot Royale each player controls a robot who is seeking to hunt down opposing robots and destroy them, claiming victory. This is achieved simply by drawing line of sight to an opposing robot during their turn. The arena however is designed to make this difficult, 16 square tiles each comprised of four spaces with walls and falling floors restricting the robots' movement.


  • 4 Robot Miniatures
  • 16 Arena Tiles
  • 48 Fallen Floor Tokens
  • 9 Victory Point Tokens
  • 4 Spawning Robot Tokens
  • 1 Rulebook