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Train of Thought: Touring Snowdonia - Cubes and the Bag

  Gaining various colours of cubes is one of the most  iconic images in eurogames. Agricola, Brass, Caylus, Terraforming Mars, Terra Mystica, Lords of Waterdeep… the list of well known eurogames featuring the collecting, moving, spending and exchanging of cubes is vast. Snowdonia is part of this same tradition. On a surface level, Snowdonia’s implementation of cubes may seem simple. Look closer though, and it reveals unspoken depths that, when understood, can really give you an edge. So, let’s reach into the bag and see what secrets lay within. What are the cubes in Snowdonia and what are they for? By default, a game of Snowdonia will contain 5 types of cube:Iron ore - Used to make steel bars which...

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Train of Thought: Touring Snowdonia - Excavation

  In all pursuits in life, there are obstacles that will stand in your way. In Snowdonia, that obstacle is rubble. You want to build a railway and its stations… but you cannot do so without first getting your hands dirty excavating. Grab a shovel and let’s dig into the B action. What is excavation and what do I get for doing it? The excavation action will move rubble from the line into your personal supply. How much you excavate is based on the work rate. This could be as low as 1, or with clever use of contract cards and other effects, reach into double digits.  The first benefit is the gained rubble, used to score contract cards or...

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Train of Thought: Touring Snowdonia - First Player Marker

  “Who goes first?” is a question that has been with us in board games since their inception. The process of how that is decided, its impact on game outcome and the role it plays in strategy can vary wildly. The strategy around the humble first player marker is the subject of this first article of Train of Thought: a series exploring elements of Snowdonia, in the lead-up to its upcoming expansion: Grand Tour. What is the first player marker and how do I get it? Rules wise, it’s straightforward. Whoever holds the first player marker will place their worker first each round and play will then proceed clockwise from them. It is usually obtained by placing one of your...

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