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Century: Golem Edition: A functional review experiment

In my first foray into trying to create a design orientated “functional” boardgame review, I look at a game I have distinctly mixed feelings about: Century: Golem Edition Why this approach and a crucial caveat As I explored in my previous post on the topic, what I want to create is the kind of review I want to read more than any other. A review that really gets under the skin of how a game operates, for the benefit of an audience of designers. Not a description of the mechanics, but the bit where the real magic happens: how the mechanics create experience. It seems from the success and interest in my previous post that this is something other people...

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Is there room for a new kind of boardgame review?

There’s something missing from the boardgame review landscape. This is what I think it might be – and what I am going to experiment with to fill it. Why even bother with more reviews? I’ve wanted to do more reviews for a long time, but I’ve not had the courage to even make the effort. It’s not just that the space seems saturated; everyone seems to have a review-oriented youtube channel or a blog these days. But that the prospect of trying is genuinely daunting, because so many of the reviewers out there are doing what they do so well. While most reviews may still only be exploring their subject at a relatively basic level, as the recent editorial from...

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