Naylor Games buys East Street Games

Naylor Games buys East Street Games
I'm delighted to announce that Naylor Games has acquired another UK game publisher: East Street Games.

East Street Games' two published titles - Robot Royale and Mobsitters - will become part of our wider catalogue. The brand itself will become an imprint of Naylor Games. As an imprint, it will remain focused on the family-friendly small box games East Street had been building a strong reputation for: in UK retail and on the convention circuit. Our company's ambitious, flagship titles with high production values, will still carry the Naylor Games mark alone.

I've always thought East Street Games' products are great (indeed when you play Robot Royale, you may notice a certain robot called the Terminaylor present in the game...). They have a lot of potential and I share founder Paul Brook's passion for making games everyone can enjoy. I am honoured to be entrusted with his baby. With our larger international footprint, I am also looking forward to bringing them - and new games like them - to a wider audience; even beyond the United Kingdom.

On top of all of this, I am even more excited to announce that Liam Kirkman - Art Director and Lead Developer at East Street - will also be joining us to continue the company's work and bring his skills to bear across the business. Paul Brook will be working with us to ensure an effective transition.

There's lots of things to do ahead. Not least, updating social media accounts and getting in touch with customers. But if all goes to plan you'll be seeing a combined Naylor Games East Street stand at conventions soon.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to fire them my way - at or via twitter: @naylorjames

James Naylor - Founder & Managing Director

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