Essen is nearly here... This is how to play Magnate at Spiel

Essen is nearly here... This is how to play Magnate at Spiel

With Essen nearly upon us and all the final preparations going on at Naylor Towers, I thought it was a good opportunity to give you the lowdown on playing Magnate: The First City (5C132) at the show. Magnate, the game I've been working on for the last few years, will be live at the biggest boardgame convention on earth, all show long. What an awesome sentence to type! Where can I play Magnate? We're at stand C132 in Hall 5, conveniently located right on the edge, on the way to Hall 6. Here's the very official convention map (its literally what I was sent in the post by the organisers) plus a discreet addition from me: Graphic - Where we are at Essen We've got three decent sized banners on the stand, some lovely new tablecloths and should be wearing a set of fetching polo shirts, so hopefully, you'll be able to spot us pretty quickly.


What can I play on the stand? We've created a special demo version of the game to showcase what it has to offer and our lovely demo team are itching to play it with you! Better yet, this special demo lasts less than 30 mins, so it's easy to get in a play without sacrificing time to browse all the other awesome stuff at the show.

Golden hour centre 1

While still a prototype, I have to say it's looking really good. It's also been thoroughly tested by this point. I am also very glad to say that everyone who's played it enjoys it. Some people really like it (Just read this review from Meeple Like Us!). So, I can pretty much promise you a good time if you choose to stop by and take the game for a ride! How do I book? We have two tables on the stand. We'll be taking bookings on Table 1 and Table 2 will be operated on a strictly first-come-first-served basis. This is to make sure that passers-by have just as much chance of discovering the game as organised folk in the know. Since we've already had quite a bit of interest, and because we can't really hold Table 2 for anyone, booking comes highly recommended. Just mail me at and we'll find you a slot!

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