Welcome to Naylor Games!

I’m James Naylor and I’m a game designer and publisher.

I started Naylor Games in 2018 to publish my game Magnate: The First City. In 2019, I and my team of talented collaborators successfully funded it several times over on Kickstarter; garnering considerable critical attention and acclaim in the process. In 2021 we will bring Magnate to retail stores.

Since starting Naylor Games, I’ve realised how enjoyable and fulfilling the process of publishing can be. I also think my team and I have – so far – done a pretty good job. So in 2020, Naylor Games started to go beyond its original purpose: We began the process of building-up a pipeline of future games we really, really wanted to make. 

My hope is that, in the future with more experience under our belt, we can begin bringing more games to market from other designers.

One request…

I love boardgames – I don’t think I will ever stop being fascinated by them. If you love them too and find the business of design and publishing interesting, I hope you will consider subscribing to our newsletter. I would also love to see you in the comments!